(The Cure) – ‘M’ Threadneedle Street, London

I had arranged to meet Kit and Elaine for lunch, we’d all worked for Midland Bank (now HSBC) ‘back in the day’ so I thought somewhere in the City of London might be nice.

Which was when I received a ‘Book A Table’ offer for ‘M’ on Threadneedle Street – a four course lunch, with ‘free flowing Prosecco’ for less than forty quid – opposite the old Midland Bank branch building.

Outside M – Threadneedle Street, London

The address is ‘Threadneedle Street’ but actually it seems more like ‘Old Broad Street’, in a pathway with a large angel’s wing on the footpath.

Inside M – Threadneedle Street

We were greeted warmly and shown to our table, within sight of the open kitchen and impressive rock salt meat lockers.

Our waiter – a charming Spaniard named Alejandro who greeted us with ‘hello my family’ – brought the first of the prosecco and our menus.  The ‘M’ definition of ‘free flowing’ is up to a bottle each during a 90 minute period, with extra available at (IIRC) just £20 a bottle. All very reasonable.

Set Lunch – M – Threadneedle Street

And for most of our lunch our glasses were kept dutifully topped up, the refills slowed later in the lunchtime, but they were very busy, with a large part of the restaurant given over to a corporate bash.

The first of the four courses – more an ‘amuse bouche’ than a course in its own right – was a small dish of Whipped Cod’s Roe served with the lightest of Rice Crackers. Delightful.

For starters Kit and I ordered the Smoked Brisket Taco, while Elaine ordered Cured Trout with Brown Butter, Capers and Lemon. Elaine declared the Trout ‘delicious’ and the Smoked Brisket, on a dainty Tortilla rather than a Taco, was light and full of flavour.

For main courses, while Elaine went for Pan Fried Hake (described as ‘cooked’ to perfection), Kit for the 200g Argentine Rump Steak (cooked a perfect medium rare and very tasty), while I went for the Burger. Again, this was perfectly cooked, moist, but not bloody, with liquid cheese, although I couldn’t discern the Bacon Jam.

Both the steak and Burger were accompanied by crunchy skin on fries, probably cooked several times.

For dessert, Elaine went for the Snickers Posset, while Kit and I went for the baked cheesecake with ‘Fig Leaf Ice Cream’. I’ve never considered using fig leaves as an ingredient (I have a large fig tree in my garden), but it imbued the ice cream with a delightfully light Fig flavour.

As I mentioned earlier, the Prosecco kept on coming, and we all agreed it had been a splendid lunch and, in a restaurant that serves £100 meat tasting platters, astonishingly good value.

Highly recommended.

Rating: ★★★★☆

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