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(Japan) Porters English Pub – Abu Dhabi


We’d just enjoyed a day trip from Abu Dhabi to Dubai using the public bus.

The bus between Abu Dhabi and Dubai, costing 25 Dirhams (about a fiver) each way for a comfortable, two hour trip, has to be one of the great bargains of the world.

Anyway, the bus station is close to the Al Wadha mall and the Grand Millennium hotel. Porters, on the ground floor of the Grand Millennium, describes itself as an ‘English Pub’

And while the entrance is indeed on the ground floor, the bar occupies the first and second basements.

There is an excellent selection of English and World Beers, and being a Monday evening, ‘Happy Hour’ reduced the price to close to English prices.

Inevitably there are screens around the place, largely ignored, showing a selection of sports events, and a small stage for musicians and deejays to perform.

We didn’t eat, but I saw several people enjoying dishes of chicken wings.

There are a number of ‘English’ pubs in central Abu Dhabi, Porters is a good one, and one I’d happily visit again.

Rating: ★★★★½

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