Red Dog

(Goodie Mob) – Red Dog American Sandwiches – Lakeside, Thurrock

My mate Tom and I were on a mission, shopping in and around Lakeside and, while we were both tempted by ‘Five Guys’ in the 2nd floor (level 3) food court, I suggested we try ‘Red Dog’, opposite.

It was a brave decision, given that, at around twelve thirty on an otherwise busy lunchtime, ‘Red Dog’ almost empty, while ‘Five Guys’ was bustling.

The menu promises ‘authentic’ barbecue and burgers, Tom ordered a Bacon Cheeseburger and I ordered the ‘carnivore platter’ for fourteen quid, which came with two side dishes – I ordered fries and chilli.

You order at the bar, and your order number is called out when the food is ready, so no waiter/waitress service.

Our dishes took around ten to fifteen minutes, so a reasonable wait that implies that the burger – at least – had been cooked to order.

My platter comprised a rasher of smoked brisket – a tad too sparse to be able to either compliment or complain, a smoked ‘texan’ sausage – a little over cooked, but tasty, a beef rib – tasty and juicy, and chicken wings – covered in sweet, sticky BBQ Sauce, but over cooked and caramelised to within an inch of their lives, I couldn’t finish them.

The fries were okay, but the chilli was a revelation – spicy with a rich, brisket flavour.

Tom described his burger as being ‘okay, but a little over cooked’ and ‘not as juicy as five guys’.

To be fair, as we left, the woman who took our order called out to ask how our meal had been. I replied ‘okay’, which I think was reasonable, but if ‘Red Dog’ are going to prosper in such a crowded market they’re going to have to up their game.

Rating: ★★★☆☆

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