What You’re Proposin’

(Status Quo) – the Barrel Inn, Bretton

A strange subject title, but bear with me.

Back in October 1981, in the car park of the Barrel Inn, a callow youth proposed to his – slightly older, divorced with two youngsters, ‘girlfriend’.

She accepted the proposal, we were married the following year and were happily together for nearly thirty five years.

I confess that I hadn’t returned to The Barrel since that – personally momentous – day, but while spending a day touring old haunts with my mate John, I thought it was worth a visit.

The Barrel sits atop the escarpment, high above Edale (‘the plague village’) and Foolow. The views are, quite frankly, stunning, it’s easy to imagine you’re on top of the world.

We arrived just before two, ordered a couple of beers and then ordered lunch. John ordered the ‘Open Prawn & Salmon Sandwich’ while ordered the burger, which came with bacon (several rashers), cheese (a choice of Cheddar or Stilton), chips and a small salad.

We’d timed our arrival well, a couple arrived at about ten past two and were offered ‘cold sandwiches and chips’.

To be fair, the burger, clearly home made and generously peppered (no pun intended) with mustard seeds, was tasty and well cooked (not quite over cooked). There was plenty of cheese and bacon, and the fries were crunchy on the outside, soft on the inside.

John declared his Prawn and Smoked Salmon sandwich to be ‘delicious’.

At the risk of being overly critical, the choice of beers was a little unimaginative (the same can’t be said of the gin selection) and, just a week or so into the summer holidays, maybe closing the kitchen at two is a tad early.

Rating: ★★★½☆

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