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(Bombay Jayashree) – Zara Indian Cuisine, Danbury

‘The Ladies’ were going out for a meal in Danbury, so John and I decided it was time for a curry, and Zara in Danbury was on my ‘to try’ list.

It’s located on the A414 to the south of Danbury, just past Runsell Green, but before the roundabout with the B1418, it used to be The Royal Oak.

There was one other table occupied when we arrived, at about seven on a Thursday evening.

We were shown to our table, offered poppadoms (we declined) and we ordered our drinks, a pint an a half of Cobra.

The drinks were brought swiftly, although with larger heads than I like. I commented that they look fizzy, but that fell on deaf ears, the waiter walked off. This is a bugbear of mine, as a 1″ head can represent nearly 20% of the pint, as the top of the glass is the widest part.

And Indian Restaurants charge top dollar for their beers.

Anyway, we ordered our meals, I ordered a ‘Haryali Chicken Tikka’ – something new to me, while John ordered a butterfly King Prawn.

The Chicken Tikka was okay, nothing particularly distinctive; Haryali is meant to taste of Coriander and Mint and I got neither. A lesson learned.

The main courses – we both went for Jalfreizi – were unexpectedly good. Clearly cooked freshly – not from a ‘big bucket’ – the flavours of each ingredient coming through clearly, and with several tiny green ‘bird’ chillies to add some fire.

The pilau rice and saag paneer side dishes were less impressive, the pilau rice bland and the saag paneer only had a few cubes of cheese.

Something in the meal was a little gritty, I suspected the saag, but it’s difficult to differentiate.

We left at about eight thirty, and while another table had been occupied, we left the place nearly empty.

All in all, an above average experience – the mains were definitely the stars of the show.

Rating: ★★★½☆

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