2012/14 – Manchester

While my other ‘Been There, Done That’ pages are based on holidays, between April 2012 and June 2014 I found myself working for the Co-operative Group, spending four days a week in Manchester.

I posted a number of ‘Ramblings’ (left) reviewing bars and restaurants in and around Manchester’s ‘Northern Quarter’ – well a boy has to do something to occupy his lonely evenings away from home.

Here are some memories of that period of my life.

This is the Holiday Inn Express – my home for much of that period.

Holiday Inn Express, Manchester @ Tolfalas.com

Room 819 was the third window from the left, top floor.

Travelling on Mr Branson’s fine Pendolino trains.

Virgin Pendolinos (Euston) - www.mallorn.net

Virgin Pendolinos (Euston)

…at considerable speed

High speed rail travel @ Tolfalas.com

High speed rail travel

And I was fortunate enough to spend some time working in ‘1 Angel Square’
The Co-operative’s stunning new head office building.

1 Angel Square. Manchester @ Tolfalas.com

1 Angel Square, from the Co-op Bank Building

1 Angel Square Atrium @ Tolfalas.com

1 Angel Square Atrium

I met some interesting people.

Sensible Drinking with Cleo Rocos @ Tolfalas.com

‘Positive’ drinking with Cleo Rocos

Selfie with Ray Davies @ Tolfalas.com

‘Selfie’ with Ray Davies

An evening with Lee Child @ Tolfalas.com

An evening with Lee Child

Caught up with some old friends.

Meeting Phill Morton @ Tolfalas.com

Phill Morton

Meeting Dave, Paul and Richard Massey @ Tolfalas.com

My Brother Dave, and his sons Paul & Richard

Had some interesting evenings.

Beer Tasting Record @ Tolfalas.com

Beer Tasting Record

Magician at Old Trafford @ Tolfalas.com

This explains a lot!

Saw some unexpected sights! Bob Massey Close - at Tolfalas.com

Tried to take some ‘arty’ photos.

Terracotta Pigeons at Tib Street, Manchester @ Tolfalas.com

Terracotta Pigeons at Tib Street

Boots on Edge Street, Manchester @ Tolfalas.com

Boots on Edge Street

Manchester Christmas Markets @ Tolfalas.com

Manchester Christmas Markets

Rainbow from the HIX @ Tolfalas.com

Rainbow from my room

Mac users at 'Common' bar, Edge Street

Mac users at Common Bar, Edge Street

Manchester Back Street @ Tolfalas.com

Manchester Back Street

Co-op Bank Building - Miller Street @ Tolfalas.com

Co-op Bank Building – Miller Street

Enjoyed some awesome meals

Almost Famous Burgers - Triple Nom from Tolfalas.com

Almost Famous Burgers – Triple Nom

KFB, Solita - Manchester - at tolfalas.com

Kentucky Fried Burger at Solita

Southern11 Tasting Platter - at Tolfalas.com

Southern Tasting Platter at Southern 11

Byron Burger at Tolfalas.com

Byron Burger

Main courses at The Great Kathmandu - from Tolfalas.com

Nepalese Curry in Didsbury

Cheese Burger - at Tolfalas.com

BBQ Double Bacon Cheeseburger at Reds

Luck, Lust, Liquor & Burn @ Tolfalas.com

Luck, Lust, Liquor & Burn

And.. after two years as a ‘resident’ – this was what greeted me on my last week in Manchester.

Blue Plaque at the Holiday Inn Express @ Tolfalas.com

‘Blue Plaque’ at the Holiday Inn Express

I was genuinely touched.